El Mirador Project is a visionary public arts program that recognizes the transformative power of art in the education and training of compassionate, committed health care professionals, infusing the University of Arizona Health Sciences campus with art and related programming to nurture creativity and empathy in our students, faculty, staff and community.

"El Mirador Project offers an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our students outside the classroom. By bringing arts and humanities into the health sciences space, we help create an environment for students to develop the critical thinking, empathetic and intuitive skills they will need to form meaningful connections with their patients." — Michael D. Dake, MD, Senior Vice President, University of Arizona Health Sciences

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By supporting El Mirador Project, you can help us continue to develop an environment that encourages creative thought, collaborative learning and compassionate care. In addition to supporting future acquisitions, contributions to El Mirador Project will be used to advance educational opportunities focused on the intersection of health and humanities, including lectures, community engagement activities, and docent-led tours. Funding also will be used for collection care and maintenance to ensure the pieces in the collection remain on display as the artists intended.

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